Looking to Increase the Value of your Home before you Sell?


There are many ways to boost your potential housing income, and some of them aren’t too expensive to fix. In fact, some of these cheap, easy fixes can boost the value of your home for next to nothing as long as you keep your budget in mind and start projects based off rooms.

The biggest, most important room of the house is the kitchen. Kitchens need a fresh, simple look that lacks basic clutter. Repair appliances and make sure everything is in smooth order. Add in a few basic appliances, which can easily be bought from thrift stores or yard sales or even facebook swap groups. Adding in those extra touches can really sell the hearth of the house to a potential buyer or inspector.

The bathroom is the next simple place to really add in that extra touch that can send up the price tag on your home. Buffing the bath is a simple way to give an old tub that new feel, which can make an amazing difference. Scrubbing that tile grout clean is another simple touch that will make your bathroom more appeal, and add a few extra dollars onto your house’s value.

If you have a den or an extra room, turning that space into something more efficient is a perfect way to send up that price tag.  Most homes don’t offer a nursery so adding those simple touches, or even a simple closet can turn that extra space into an extra bedroom. More bedrooms means more money value on your home.

Cleaning those old carpets can give any room that fresh, just purchased feel. Renting an expensive carpet cleaner, or borrowing one is a simple way to get those carpets clean, and make your room look like it did when they were installed. If you notice your living room is looking a bit dark, throwing in an extra floor lamp is a great way to brighten up a space and make it more inviting.


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