New or Old Home – Ideas for Sprucing


Are you looking to buy a new home?  Or maybe just make your home feel like new? Many people are focusing on themselves for the new year, losing weight, eating better, or maybe buying that car they’ve always dreamed of. So, why not  home resolutions, too? Here are a few ideas for 2017 that will help spruce up the house and freshen up the home for the next year.

The first goal is to get rid of the clutter. Purging the house of clutter is a huge task, and it can take a few months in several steps to get rid of all the things you personally do not really need or feel represent you in the home. This should be followed by setting up a deep cleaning task once a week or so until everything has been cleaned. Things like wiping the walls down, or scrubbing the medicine cabinet in the bathrooms all help offer a clean home that will make the space more enjoyable for the entire family. Organization is the key, and getting things in a proper place will help the home have a better feel. Less clutter usually has a peaceful effect on a person while a lot of clutter can cause stress and even anxiety.

Adding in a single basket or container with like items once a month on a set date will help keep the space purged of clutter, and this also allows things to be easily found and located. Another simple thing one can do is to replace all the batteries in home devices, especially those directly connected to the safety of your home and family, like a fire alarm.

Add in a house plant, or add something that is eco-friendly for your home. Even if it’s just recycling bins, doing something “green” can give you a feeling of contributing to the health of our planet.  And, if it’s plants you add, there’s that added bonus of making your home look nicer and more welcoming.

Finish a project that has already been started. Most homes have at least one project already in the works that has been lying around just waiting to be finished. Check your calendar and choose a day for this project. If it’s a large project, add in a few days over a period of time to get it finished, and don’t get discouraged if the project isn’t finished by the date. Things happen, but setting a realistic goal will go a long way in helping you achieve it by the date you choose. Any of these things can be added in simply and done over a period of time. Even if an extra hour a week is all that can be devoted to this projects, there’s the whole year to finish them. It will add in spice or character to your home.

How do you spruce up your home?

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