2017 – Year of the Smart Home?


You may have seen it already – some of the newer, “smarter” devices showing up in homes. These can range from thermostats to doorbells, locks to smoke detectors. But, there is a problem. While all of these devices look amazing and seem to have great features, consumers are still unsure what they will actually really get out of these fancy new devices.  So, basically they’re available now but are not being used very much due to the lack of knowledge on using them or how to apply these new devices to already established homes.

Will they save money on their electric bill? Will they be safer? As cool as they may be, why should they actually buy these products? Why should they use them?  How do they use them?

These questions are now being addressed, including why consumers are so confused and what companies are doing to change that, including how the growth is expected to change this year as companies now understand the issues at hand and are equipping themselves to address these issues.

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